home invasion.

Excellent imagery all around and I love the nonchalant ending!


a one-ton armoire slides across my pelvic floor, crashing into soft tissue.  i do not hear the thud but i feel it.

my mental illness must involve more parts than one. perhaps 4 or 400. i am told we each contain multitudes.

lately i work more with the positive and negative associations we ascribe to emotional states:

          guilt is bad, joy is good.

          gratitude is good, panic is bad.

my involvement with psychiatry—with preachers of pathology and the medical model  often challenges my core. i believe in inherent brilliance, the kind that we all share. i believe in our shared capacity to access higher knowing, through means such as insight or compassion.

but certain states i experience are chaotic and frightening.

like a hijacking.

my internal furniture starts slamming around. seemingly pushed by ghosts.

the last time this pain visited…

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