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Everyone is Trying to Sell You a Master Plan

Make your bed first thing every morning. Get up at “X” a.m. to maximize your time. Eat “X” amount of calories from these kinds of food. Walk “X” amount of steps. Come up with a certain number of ideas every day. Follow this plan’s ideas. No, no, follow that plan’s steps. I saw a cartoon… Continue reading Everyone is Trying to Sell You a Master Plan





And today as I stand in front of the mirror I cannot help notice the changes I have gone through. I look in the mirror every day but today as I stare, I see it. The obvious changes, I know, have not occurred overnight. I don’t laugh and smile like I used to, I see a stranger looking at me from the other side. I know the smile, I know it is yours. I have become you, unconsciously.

And I still remember the day, I saw you. I saw you looking at the sky, trying to open it up and pull down the stars; cajoling the stars to open up before the world. I had an instant feeling of kinship to the stars, they come out when no one is looking at them, then they come out and shine; like them I too had no idea, why I detested daylight…

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“But I Don’t Like Other Women” and Other Immaterial Things

I was blessed with another woman ‘encourager’ just today, stating that going out on a limb shows you just how many skills you may possess that have been underutilized. Kudos to all who encourage. Believe me, I got your back! And to the others, may you succeed as well, if only because the more success, the more there is to share. Thanks for this reminder ‘Damn Girl!!’

Damn, Girl. Get Your Shit Together.

“We are in the business of being women.”

DGGYST has been pretty heavy on the girl power lately. With “The Power of Female Economy“, and “So, You Want a Blogging Tip…“, not to mention the sidebar featuring specifically female bloggers, I have to address something that comes up every time I (or any one else for that matter) discuss supporting female industry. This sentiment:

“But I don’t like other women.”

I notoriously love the women. I was a labrador retriever in my last four lives and just assume everyone is my friend and they want to feed me biscuits.
Not that I haven’t not liked some women. There’ve been a few where I’m like, “You are not my kind of lady. Now give me a biscuit and get the hell out of here, bark bark bark bark bark!” So I respect that you may have…

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