What is addiction?

Such a nasty word.

Riddled with negativity.

Assumed to be evil.


What if it is addiction,

To beauty and love?

To care and concern?

To growth and learning?


What if it is addiction,

To the relaxation that occurs,

At the end of the day,

From that fourth glass of wine?


What if it is addiction,

To the love of the world?

To the creator’s pathway?

To creativity and light?


When is it unhealthy,

And when is it pure?

Because let’s all admit it…

We all have addictions.


It could be to sex,

It could be to love,

It could be to a substance

That makes us relax.


It could be to something,

That makes us on fire.

To nature and exercise,

To the religion that inspires.


When is the addiction,

Acceptable to the masses?

Accepted as appropriate?

Accepted as good?


Addiction is obsession.

Obsession is drive.

Drive gets things done

And lights the fire.


Creatives are obsessives.

Obsessives are the key.

To determination and

Motivation. The end is the means.


I don’t know where the line is.

I don’t know how to choose.

I’m worried my obsessions,

Are addictions and I lose.

Balancing the Betweens and so Forth…

Where do we find the balance, the middle ground, the healthiness?

Between work and play, stillness and vigor.

Amid safety and risk, growth and standing still.

Within love and disinterest, dependence and strength.

Amongst health and weakness, rest and activity.

Between male and female, softness and hardness.

Amid creating and tearing down, ending and beginning again.

Within color and black/white, darkness and brightness.

Amongst hard lines and forgiveness, haze and focus.

Between comfort and perseverance, freedom and responsibility.

Amid seductive and prim, constrained and free.

Within one voice and many, the group and the individual.

Amongst boundaries and permeability, letting in and letting go.

Between coolness and warmth, disintegration and preservation.

Amid civilized and wild, raw and finessed.

Within traditional and new, technology and custom.

Amongst delicate and harsh, permanence and ephemeral.

Between cycle and arrow, uniqueness and repetition.

Amid dissolution and evolution, expansion and contraction.

Within reality and hallucinations, dreams and practicality.

Amongst circles and lines, growth and calm.

Between ties and blades, individuation and connection.

Amid hidden and public, known and private.

Within movement and stillness, finite and infinite.

Amongst thinking outside the box and set in stone, steadfast and flexible.

Between small and large, significance and insignificance.

May we find the balance both within and without, without and within.

Prayer for this; A long day

Emotional stability,

Wealth and achievement,

Wellness and health,

Support, given and received.

Openness to accepting,

The positives that come my way.

Discernment to judge,

When I need to walk away.

Hope for tomorrow,

Blessings for today.

Acceptance of the past,

A vision for the future.

Strength to endure,

The long, lonely nights.

Peace in the day time,

To reach for heaven.

This is my prayer,

To be there for others,

To accept what is given,

To be still when needed.


Fragile egos,

Crushed like eggshells

Dropped on the floor,

Spilling their insides.


A simple challenge,

A contrary word

Meant for discussion,

Or clarification.


Instead it is viewed

As a knock to the expert,

A refusal to submit

On terms they require.


This is not equality.

This isn’t understanding.

This is a simple wish

To bend another to your will.


Willow-strong, pliant

I will bend to a point.

But then I bounce back

To continue my growth.


Why is every question

Such a threat to so many?

Why is there only

The expectation of bowing?


Are we always so fragile,

We can’t accept and relish

Being pushed and nudged,

With another’s experiences?


I can sit on the floor

At another’s feet, if and only if,

My past is acknowledged,

As it can only reflect on my future.


I am human, humans learn.

My learning has been fraught

With challenges, frustrations, loss.

Issues abound, but so do gifts.


My gifts are discernment,

A very good ear,

Passion, interest in life,

A relatively quick mind.


I have a caring heart,

An appreciation for beauty,

A love of learning more.

I could have made you curl your toes.


I can listen to your past,

Can you listen to mine?

Can we acknowledge each other

And the paths we have traversed?


Or are we doomed to continue

The age-old dance

Of loneliness and isolation,

Wrapped in our cocoons of pity?


I don’t want that,

So, I will seek elsewhere.

I will ask questions,

Expecting thoughtful answers.


I want to constantly question,

Continuously search and understand.

I want to acknowledge and seek

Good and bad, up and down, here and then.


If that is such a challenge,

Then you are right…

We are not for each other

In any form, whatsoever.